Thing to Look Out For When Choosing a Digital Piano

Digital Piano

When you think of a piano, electronics are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. A digital piano, however, is a great alternative for music lovers. A traditional acoustic piano produces sound through hammers striking strings. A digital version creates its sound by digital sounds, speakers and amplifiers. Prestige Pianos offers a great selection of digital pianos in the Melbourne area.

More About Digital Pianos

Digital pianos were designed to create the feel of playing an actual piano, as opposed to a keyboard or organ. Most models use weighted keys, which feel heavier, thereby offering a feeling more similar to that of an acoustic piano. The keys also use some type of sensor to indicate how hard they were struck. Since these instruments are digital, players have the option of using them with headphones, allowing for private practice.

Unlike an acoustic piano, which needs regular tuning, this is a maintenance free option. Since the sounds are stored digitally, the instrument will never need tuning.

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Selecting Your Digital Piano

If you have made the decision to purchase a digital piano, there are several things that you need to look for.

  • Sound- Obviously, you will want to make sure that you like the sound of the device. Be sure to try out the model in the store prior to making your purchase. A good idea is to take along a set of headphones so that you can listen carefully to the tones. Often times, an amplifier can mask the more subtle notes and tones.

  • Feel- A digital piano is designed to feel like an acoustic piano. When you hit the keys, they should feel as if they are weighted like those on a traditional piano.

  • Amplifiers and Speakers- An instrument with more than one speaker and a large amplifier can create a more balanced sound.

  • Extra Features- Many digital pianos have several extra features including different instrument sounds, reverb and echo. They may also have different tuning options available which can be helpful if you are playing with a group. Different models vary greatly in price depending upon the number of options that are available.

  • Pedals- If you are used to a traditional piano, you know that pressing the pedals can create different sounds and effects. Some models simply have on and off options for their pedals, while others have multiple levels of response.

  • Physical Features- Obviously, you will want to consider the way that the digital piano looks. They vary greatly in size and appearance. Some are designed to be portable and fit into small spaces, while others are created to look like a grand piano.

Purchasing a digital piano is a big decision, and one that you should carefully consider. These instruments can bring a great deal of enjoyment to you, your friends, and your family. Before you commit to purchasing one, you should make sure that the one you choose has all the options you want, and fits into your price range. For the best in pricing and available models, contact Prestige Pianos today. We will help you find the digital piano that is right for you and your needs.