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    Yamaha Pianos

    Bring Joviality To Your Home With A Yamaha Piano

    You already have a piano that has been in the family for years, but it's just not as much fun to play anymore. Did you know that you could trade-in your old piano for one of the new Yamaha digital pianos? Yamaha Pianos  have been the leading choice for both professional musicians...  read more


    You've Got Rhythm With A New Piano

    When you're searching for a piano for the home, everyone is looking for something different. Pianos come in several styles so that they fit the decor and the musician, whether you're a an experienced pianist or just learning. If you're just learning, you probably have a lot of...  read more

    Grand Pianos

    The Top Choice For Grand Pianos

    Some of the most elegant items for decorating a home are Grand Pianos. These are luxurious instruments that stand for style and quality. Families do not buy grand pianos just so they have an instrument to play. Any piano would do in that case. A piano that is going to be played often should...  read more


    Pianos on a Grand Scale

    Beginning students often start out with used pianos. That way, it keeps the cost down to reasonable amount if you are not sure the piano will become a lifelong instrument at this point. For those who love the sound and presence of grand pianos, buying a previously owned instrument may be the...  read more

    Church Organ

    Buy or Lease a Church Organ

    If you happen to walk in an old church, you are bound to be impressed by the majestic building and the works of arts. The church organ often adds to oversized towering walls, giving you a sense of the grand design of the universe. The church in earlier times was patronised by the Kings...  read more

    Digital Piano

    Affordable Digital Piano

    Pianos have been instruments of sophistication since they were first used. Traditional piano is expensive. It is made out of special wood, and the price goes in tandem with the quality of sound it produces. Thanks to digital sound technology, digital pianos are an alternative. They also have...  read more

    Grand Piano

    Why Buy a Grand Piano

    A grand piano is one of those things that are simply out of this world. If you are a music enthusiast, you will appreciate the beauty and performance like no other. They represent a zenith of what the human society has to offer in terms of music. If you are planning to buy one, you are one of...  read more

    Allen Organ

    Buy Genuine Allen Organs

    The Allen Organ Advantage Quality Construction - Every Allen organ is a work of art that's built to last, created by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials and construction techniques. Plus, Allen builds its own electronics and components to make quality affordable and ensure...  read more

    Piano for Sale

    Buying a Piano for Sale

    Pianos are expensive. A lot of us give in to the temptations of learning a piano and then go and buy one. Some people like to have one as decoration while others love to play them. It does not matter what your reason is, if you see a piano that you like, you should consider buying...  read more

    Pipe Organ

    Pipe Organ Servicing

    Pipe organs are a pride to own. They are a part of our tradition and unique in their performance. Servicing this kind of instrument is a difficult task that requires specialists. If you are aware of the complications involved, you will be able to hire the right specialists and pay only fair...  read more

    Theatre Organs

    Introduction to Theatre Organs

    Theatre Organs, for those who do not know them, are not the same as the other pipe organs. The principles  are based on pipe organs. Theatre Organs, however, provide a much wider range of sounds. If we look at the origins, we will be able to understand the way these incredible...  read more

    Upright Piano

    How to Choose the Perfect Upright Piano

    Upright pianos are popular among the people because of their shape. These pianos do not extend horizontally. They use the height much like a cupboard to hide the strings. While horizontal grand pianos give better performance, they sound extremely well. The fact that they take less space...  read more

    Theatre Organs

    Introduction to Theatre Organs

    Theatre Organs, Allen Theatre Organs Allen theatre organs are widely acclaimed for their accuracy in reproducing the authentic sound of the theatre pipe organ. These organs start with the finest theatre pipe organ samples, including the attack, steady state and decay. When combined...  read more

    Pianos For Sale in Melbourne

    Find the Best Pianos for Sale in Melbourne

    When the search for a new piano gets serious, it is helpful to know precisely what it is you are looking to find. Whether or not you have previously considered it, pianos come in a wide range of styles with enough variety to suit most any lifestyle, space or musical need. You can find the...  read more

    Upright Pianos in Melbourne

    Test Your Knowledge of Upright Pianos

    Few things are more engaging than a handful of interesting facts to give you some insight into a given topic. Well, what do you know about upright pianos? In Melbourne, Prestige Pianos and Organs has served their customers for four decades, providing guidance on how to purchase pianos and...  read more

    Yamaha Keyboards in Melbourne

    Your Three-Step Guide to Buying Yamaha Keyboards in Melbourne

    Your upcoming keyboard purchase is set to go off without a hitch. While it can certainly be a bit taxing to figure out which of Prestige's many high-quality digital pianos is the best model for you, rest assured in the fact that whatever choice you make, using Prestige as your premier...  read more

    Electric Piano in Melbourne

    Taking the Plunge and Get an Electric Piano

    If you have been considering buying an electric piano, you may have wondered about the quality of your choice. The difference between an acoustic piano and an electric piano is probably far easier to identify than the nuances that distinguish the several types of non-acoustic pianos. This...  read more

    Theatre Organs in Melbourne

    Old Time Theatre Organs

    Harken back to the first years of the big screen. Back then, a movie could last a few seconds or a few minutes and still be considered a movie. All the movies were silent movies and live musicians were hired to play songs to accompany the storyline being acted out on the screen. Fast forward...  read more

    Digital Piano In Melbourne

    Finding The Best Digital Piano

    Technology has come a long way and that is just as true for music creation as with anything else. For a full range of the best options for digital pianos, there is a dealer with plenty of expertise and years of experience to make the selection of the best equipment a relatively...  read more

    Pipe Organs In Melbourne

    The Best Pipe Organs In Melbourne

    The concept behind pipe organs has been around for several thousand years but the instrument came into their own as we know and enjoy them today in the 14th century. Most people have heard the magnificent sounds of this instrument at a church or cathedral but they are also commonly used at...  read more

    Pipe Organs

    Pipe Organs Make Beautiful Music

    Imagine the beauty and majesty of the sound of a church or large theatre organ. There is nothing more pure and powerful than the notes and chords from pipe organs and that same sound can actually be created in a home as well as sanctuary or auditorium. The Expanding Market for Pipe...  read more

    Upright Pianos In Melbourne

    Buying The Best Upright Pianos In Melbourne

    The sound of piano music can be quite soothing and the joy of creating that music is something appreciated by plenty of people of all ages. A high quality upright piano is the perfect accessory for most homes because it is not only provides years of entertainment and listening pleasure but...  read more

    Digital Piano

    Thing to Look Out For When Choosing a Digital Piano

    When you think of a piano, electronics are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. A digital piano, however, is a great alternative for music lovers. A traditional acoustic piano produces sound through hammers striking strings. A digital version creates its sound by digital sounds,...  read more

    Organs for Sale

    Organs for Sale in Melbourne

    If you have made the decision to purchase that organ you have always wanted, there are a lot of things to consider. You will find that there is no shortage of organs for sale in Melbourne, and you will have many options to choose from. An organ is a relatively large purchase and before...  read more

    Yamaha Clavinova

    Dueling Digital Pianos: Comparing the Yamaha Clavinova CLP 535 and CVP 601

    Yamaha is a name that is known world-wide for its quality, and its digital pianos are no exception. The Yamaha Clavinova is a digital piano, which is designed to offer the user an experience which is similar to that of an acoustic piano. There are several models in the Clavinova family, and...  read more

    grand piano

    Best Storage Seating for Grand Pianos

    Grand Pianos are beautiful and expensive pieces of furniture. However, unlike with other pieces of furniture, storing grand pianos is generally not recommended, but sometimes it is unavoidable. If you find it necessary to store your grand piano, there are few key aspects that you should make...  read more

    Digital Pianos

    Digital Pianos: Pros and Cons

    Pianos are a wonderful addition to any home that contains a piano player or student. However, purchasing an acoustic piano can be an expensive proposition, for many reasons. Fortunately, digital pianos are becoming more and more commonplace. However, there are some downsides to owning a...  read more


    Latest Piano Learning Methods

    The piano is one of the most iconic and popular musical instruments today. Its iconic sound is instantly recognizable, and its incredible range allows the piano to cover any and all styles of music. It is also now easier than ever to have access to material that can help you learn how to play...  read more

    Piano tuning

    Piano Tuning: A Brief Overview and Guide

    Tuning is the single most essential aspect in piano maintenance. Tuning involves making acute adjustments to the tension in the strings, in order to correctly align the periods between their tones until the instrument is in tune. The piano tuner must physically change and move nearly 209...  read more


    Top 4 Tips for Optimum Piano Care and Maintenance

    Pianos can be a beautiful addition to any home. Unlike other pieces of furniture, however, they are very fragile, and may be affected by their surroundings in drastic ways. Below you will find four tips to help you keep your piano in great condition almost indefinitely. 1. Leave the Key Lid...  read more

    digital pianos in Melbourne

    There is No Shortage of Digital Pianos in Melbourne

    Ever since the first digital pianos entered the market in the 1980s, much has changed. Current piano models are better than they were even as recently as the 1990s. Their sound is much improved and closer to the sound quality of acoustic pianos today. Good digital pianos in...  read more

    electric piano in Melbourne

    Electric Pianos Bring the Modern World to a Classic Instrument

    For centuries, the piano has been on of the world's most popular instruments. Learning to play is easy, and relatively painless compared to other instruments, so they have long been a favourite for children and adults wanting to become more musically inclined. When learning to play the piano,...  read more

    Pianos for sale in melbourne

    Tips to Choose Pianos for Sale in Melbourne

    Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia, is known for its culture and music. Many of the area residents play the piano, and want to buy one. There are many kinds of pianos from which to choose. Should you choose a new or used model? Do you want the standard piano sound, or a variety of digital...  read more

    pipe organs in Melbourne

    Are You a True Music Lover Then Find Pipe Organs for Sale in Melbourne Now

    Nothing quite compares to the warm sound of a pipe organ. There is something about the vintage feel and the exquisite tonal make of this old and revered instrument that makes it as otherworldly as it is endlessly enjoyable. True music lovers know what they want. The right organ has to be...  read more

    Theatre Organs in Melbourne

    All the Music and None of the Drama – Find the Best Theatre Organs in Melbourne Today!

    Few things bring people together quite like music. Who doesn't love a sweet piano melody, or a prestigious piece played on a pipe organ? It doesn't matter who you are or what your background is - music is our universal pedigree, the way in which we colour our history,...  read more

    upright pianos in melbourne

    Shopping for Upright Pianos

    Its familiar sound can soothe listeners' ears or make them want to get up and dance. In many families around the world, it is the first instrument young children will learn to play. It incorporates music, art, and expression into everyday life. It even blends perfectly into the design of any...  read more

    Piano and Organ

    How to Find a High Quality Piano and Organ

    When you need to buy a piano or an organ, you should do a few preparatory steps to ensure that you find the best instrument for the purpose you are hoping to accomplish. If you are searching for a high quality piano and organ to use as a professional for instance, you should focus your...  read more

    organs for sale

    The Right Organs for Sale

    Organs have an interesting relationship with Australia. Nowadays, organs and pipe organs are a regular fixture in cathedrals, theatres and churches throughout the country but how did it get that way? Shortly after Australia was established in the 1700s, we received a small amount of pipe...  read more


    Finding the Right Piano for Your Needs

    If you are in the market to buy a piano but don't know where to begin, don't start shopping without equipping yourself with some basic information. Often, people looking into buying one or jump in without knowing anything about the various types of pianos and their uses. Subsequently, they are...  read more

    Yamaha Clavinova

    Dueling Digital Pianos: Comparing the Yamaha Clavinova CLP 635 and CVP 701

    Yamaha is a name that is known world-wide for its quality, and its digital pianos are no exception. The Yamaha Clavinova is a digital piano, which is designed to offer the user an experience which is similar to that of an acoustic piano. There are several models in the Clavinova family, and...  read more