Pipe Organs Make Beautiful Music

Pipe Organs

Imagine the beauty and majesty of the sound of a church or large theatre organ. There is nothing more pure and powerful than the notes and chords from pipe organs and that same sound can actually be created in a home as well as sanctuary or auditorium.

The Expanding Market for Pipe Organs

Once found only in churches and cathedrals, pipe organs became popular in movie houses and auditoriums before 'talking pictures' were created. The music set the tone for the action and was an indispensable part of the attraction. American baseball games also had accompaniment from a pipe organ.

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Theatres, auditoriums and concert halls use these magnificent instruments in a variety of ways and in spite of the increase in digitally produced music still account for the majority of live music and accompaniment for singing.

The Benefits of Pipe Organs

To provide the best sound for large spaces, pipe organs cannot be outdone. Some of the largest organs have over 30,000 pipes and create a tremendous range of sounds that blend together in acoustic waves. It has been said that listening to a pipe organ is comparable to a live performance whereas the music from a digital organ is like hearing a CD.

The primary reason for the depth of sound generated by a pipe organ is the individual pipes. Each pipe creates a sound but with digital instruments, a combined sound is produced as one wave so the richness and fullness of the combination of sounds is lost. This has nothing to do with volume; a digital organ can be amplified quite loudly, but the complexity of the sound can't be reproduced.

It is possible to enjoy elements of both types of organs with digital sounds included in the assortment of organ choices. The digital features should always be the secondary source of music, however, because the pipes create the more pleasing, full-bodied sound, especially when accompanied by voices or other instruments.

The Aesthetics of the Instrument

Another important feature of pipe organs is the visual impact provided by the console and exposed pipes. The workmanship of a fine organ is stunning and the sight of the manuals (keyboards) and extensive foot pedals adds a sense of awe to the experience. Although many of the pipes are hidden, the sight of the largest as well as some of the smallest pipes creates a sense of grandeur that can only be provided by a pipe organ.

Trust the Professionals for the Best Instrument

For any organization, individual or church interested in purchasing a pipe organ, it is important to have some idea how the equipment works and how it is expected to be used. There are many specific considerations for the options available, many of which can be planned for but added at a future date.

This is beneficial for smaller churches or homes where the cost of the basic installation is fairly high. As more funds come in, more features can be added to the organ as long as the preparation has been made. Depend on the experience and expertise of the professionals for an organ that satisfies all of your musical needs.