Digital Pianos: Pros and Cons

Digital Pianos

Pianos are a wonderful addition to any home that contains a piano player or student. However, purchasing an acoustic piano can be an expensive proposition, for many reasons. Fortunately, digital pianos are becoming more and more commonplace. However, there are some downsides to owning a digital piano. Below is a list containing the most common pros and cons that accompany purchasing a digital piano:

The Pros

  • Cost:It is very difficult to find an acoustic piano that is cheaper than a digital piano. Unless you are opting for an extremely high-end instrument, most digital pianos are much cheaper than their acoustic counterparts.

  • Size: Digital Pianos are much smaller than acoustic pianos. This will give you a greater variety when deciding where to place your piano. (This is also a consideration if you will be moving the instrument from place to place, as in using it to play professionally outside the home.)

  • Versatility: Most digital pianos have a wide range of settings to help you change the sound of your piano. You will often be able to make the piano sound like another instrument entirely. In most cases, you might even give yourself some background music to accompany you.

  • Maintenance: Digital pianos are much easier to care for than acoustic ones. Other than dusting every month, there is very little that needs to be done to a digital piano to keep it playing.

  • Headphones: The ability to play the piano without interrupting anyone else's quiet time is priceless. Headphones can be especially helpful when the rest of the house would rather not listen to you practicing a challenging song or passage.

There are more pros, but these are the main benefits most consumers will immediately be able to recognize.

The Cons

  • Power: You will need access to an electrical outlet in order to play a digital piano.

  • Sound Quality: Unless you opt for an incredibly expensive digital keyboard, chances are you will get better sound quality out of an acoustic keyboard.

  • Keyboard action: When you are playing an acoustic piano, the strength with which you depress a key has an effect on the volume. Digital keyboards generally do not do this, instead relying on a knob to control volume

Unless you are a concert-level pianist, there is almost no reason to purchase an acoustic piano over a digital one. Digital pianos offer advantages in size, cost, and usability that traditional pianos can't match. Obviously, for a diehard piano player, the few cons that there are might be too much. For anyone who is learning or merely enjoys playing the piano, though, a digital piano is a great way to go.

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