Pianos on a Grand Scale


Beginning students often start out with used pianos. That way, it keeps the cost down to reasonable amount if you are not sure the piano will become a lifelong instrument at this point. For those who love the sound and presence of grand pianos, buying a previously owned instrument may be the way to go However, an instrument that has been previously owned by someone else is not at all the same thing as a used and abused instrument. A used piano, if it has been treated properly and cared for by a piano tuner, may be handed down to future generations, too.

Music teachers love to teach children and other beginners about the keyboard on Pianos because the keyboard is fundamental to music theory. It's easy for beginners to visualize the piano scales right on the keyboard. All keys to the right sound progressively higher in tone as you go up the scale, and all keys to the left sound lower and go down the scale. Also, while there is absolutely a high level of skill involved in advanced piano, any beginning student can play a single note one at a time to hear the note they are looking at on the page.

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Students at home might look into yamaha pianos to practice with. Yamaha is a well-known brand and they make electric keyboard, or digital, for all skill levels and at all price points. While professional musicians may use keyboards that costs thousands of dollars, parents can easily find used Yamaha for under a hundred dollars. They're perfect for home because of the low cost and because they take up so little space. They can be stored under a bed. Plus, there is the obvious advantage in not having to spend a lot of money or take up a lot of space in the house for a new hobby.

If a teacher tried to use a woodwind instrument or a guitar to teach a new student what the scale of musical notes looks like, the fingering is too complicated for someone new to reading music to put together the notes on the paper with the keys on the instrument. Once a student has the basic understanding of the treble clef and base clef, and how to read the notes, they have a much easier time transitioning from Pianos onto another instrument, whether a stringed instrument like a violin or guitar or a woodwind instrument like a flute or saxophone. For more information, visit PrestigePianos.com.au to view the range of grands, uprights, and digital pianos available.