How to Choose the Perfect Upright Piano

Upright Piano

Upright pianos are popular among the people because of their shape. These pianos do not extend horizontally. They use the height much like a cupboard to hide the strings. While horizontal grand pianos give better performance, they sound extremely well. The fact that they take less space makes them fit cosier living spaces.

Yamaha is a leader in manufacturing acoustic and digital pianos. It is only fair then that we take a sneak peek at one of the bestselling upright pianos. Whether you end up buying this fabulous model, or use it for comparison, is entirely up to you. The model in question is the "b1 Acoustic Piano".

This continental style acoustic piano is an upright piano. It has been priced to attract beginners and expert pianists alike. The price tag is kept extremely low. If you did not know the price, you would not be able to guess it on account of the excellent craftsmanship.

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The sound of the b1 upright piano is simply fabulous. It is music to the ears, quite literally. The looks on this acoustic piano are made to kill. The black exquisite ebony finish are highlighted with gold lines across the acoustic piano. The pedals also have a gold outline. The black is pitch black, and yet it shines with elegance.

The width is a mere 22 inches. You can put this beauty against any wall. It is sure to highlight the complete environment. The height of 43 inches is just right. As a pianist, you can look over the piano to catch the glances of the audience.

The wood used is laminated soundboard. The crowns are reinforced to provide a long life to the upright piano. Laminated soundboards are known to reduce soundboard cracking. Yamaha uses a blend of materials in their finish. This features the famous Yamaha Extruded Aluminium Alloy Action Rail. This eliminates any wood fluctuations and contributes to long lasting action regulation.

Yamaha ensures that the keys across their models have a similar look and feel. They use select Spruce for all their keys. B1 upright piano also features these famous and loved keys on the keyboard. Each key is weighted separately to guarantee a balanced action. Perfection is about the big things and the small ones. Yamaha has demonstrated this time and again.

B1 represents the first of its kind in the new series introduced by Yamaha. All of Yamaha's expertise has flowed into this beautiful work of art. The b1 model also represents the new philosophy of economical pricing even for high quality products. This upright piano is sure to turn some heads.

No matter how one describes a music instrument, it does not come close to the experience of touching, feeling and playing it. If you are a music enthusiast, it is be an excellent idea to visit the closest showroom displaying the new b1 acoustic piano. Leave your wallet at home if you feel that you may succumb to the temptations of this beautiful upright piano.