Tips to Choose Pianos for Sale in Melbourne

Pianos for sale in melbourne

Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia, is known for its culture and music. Many of the area residents play the piano, and want to buy one. There are many kinds of pianos from which to choose. Should you choose a new or used model? Do you want the standard piano sound, or a variety of digital settings? Buyers can find pianos for sale in Melbourne in music stores or galleries, or through private sellers.

Buying From a Music Store

There are advantages to buying from a store.

  • They sell new and used pianos.

  • They offer a selection of brand names, and types of pianos (regular, digital, synthesizers).

  • They have special or clearance sales.

  • Many store employees are musicians themselves, so questions about pianos can receive knowledgeable answers.

You can find information about piano stores and galleries in phone books and online.

Buying From a Private Owner

There are perks to getting a used piano from an individual.

  • You get the full history of the instruments; some pianos have been passed down through generations.

  • You may get a quality piano at a lower price than it is worth.

  • You may be able to negotiate with the owner as to cost and delivery.

Private owners may notify potential buyers through online and classified advertisements.

Some Factors to Consider

While choosing from the different pianos for sale in Melbourne, you should keep a few things in mind.

  • Pianos come in different shapes and sizes; it must fit into the room you select.

  • Unlike a regular piano, the sound on a digital piano can be adjusted. If you share a house or live in a flat, you may want a piano with a volume button, rather than the standard.

  • Who will be playing? For children just beginning lessons, you may want to buy a used piano. If you play well or professionally, there are higher-priced, higher-quality models available.


Keep in mind, the piano has to be moved into your house. Some stores, galleries, and private owners offer delivery service, but not all. Make sure that your piano travels safely to its new home.

Whether you're a beginner or a professional musician, a piano is a wonderful investment. There are a number of stores, galleries, and private sellers that offer pianos for sale in Melbourne. The sooner you check them out, the sooner your musical journey can begin. To begin your piano-buying journey, you can check out