All the Music and None of the Drama – Find the Best Theatre Organs in Melbourne Today!

Theatre Organs in Melbourne

Few things bring people together quite like music.

Who doesn't love a sweet piano melody, or a prestigious piece played on a pipe organ?

It doesn't matter who you are or what your background is - music is our universal pedigree, the way in which we colour our history, and indeed, make that history live again. What better way to bring that history to life once more than with one of the most classical of Western instruments, a high-quality theatre organ?

A Historical Instrument

A piano concerto by Mozart brings you back to 18thcentury Vienna as surely as a Cole Porter tune transports you back to 1930s London. From Bach to the Beatles, music is simply part of our cross-cultural language. And no musical organ captures the cultural history of Melbourne quite like an elegant, old-fashioned theatre organ!

When it comes to theatre organs in Melbourne, this city has a history with the musical instrument that is as rich as any on Earth. As a nation, Australia already boasts a beautiful musical background, with the Sydney Opera House widely considered to be one of the true jewels of the international musical landscape. Opening in 1926, Melbourne's own Regent Theatre has proven to be one of the nation's most celebrated theatres.

An Organic Experience

If you're looking for theatre organs in Melbourne, you'll find plenty of options in this great location. There are definitely some things you'll want to keep in mind when searching for the perfect theatre organ. There are a wide variety of different kinds of theatre organs, including:

  • Pipe Organs:When it comes to classical music, you can't get much more "classical" than a good old-fashioned pipe organ. Bach would have played some of his most famous and enduring compositions on a pipe organ. As you might expect, these theatre organs rely on a complex system whereby the organ's keys trigger releases of air in such a way as to produce musical notes. These models also tend to be large and fill a room.


  • Electric Organs:More compact than a pipe organ, this variation brings a 21stcentury aesthetic to the sleek body of these pipe organs as well as their music.


  • Classical Theatre Organs:Of the many theatre organs Melbourne music shops have to offer, these are by far the most popular. Striking a balance between the old and new, these organs are just as up to playing ragtime as Ravel!


With all the divisions in the world today, who doesn't want to revel in the unifying power of music? For a fine selection of theatre organs in Melbourne, try and bring a sense of prestige to your organ music today!