The Best Pipe Organs In Melbourne

Pipe Organs In Melbourne

The concept behind pipe organs has been around for several thousand years but the instrument came into their own as we know and enjoy them today in the 14th century. Most people have heard the magnificent sounds of this instrument at a church or cathedral but they are also commonly used at theatres, auditoriums and concert halls and even sports stadiums.

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Where to find the best

Whether you are looking for a pipe organ as a member of a church, the purchaser for a school, public auditorium or theatre or even as a private individual, the most efficient way to obtain the organ that is perfect for your needs is to find area professionals. This means builders, dealers, professors of music and performers. By comparing models and features, a good idea can be formed regarding the perfect instrument at the right price.

There are a number of builders and dealers of pipe organs in Melbourne and finding the best deal requires a bit of comparison. It always pays to trust the professionals with many years in the industry because their expertise can help make the process of selecting the appropriate instrument much smoother and more satisfying.

Never assume Digital Music is better

Many people have the mistaken impression that digital music is better than traditional pipe organ music. It may be less expensive and seem to sound just as good up to a point, but there is no comparison when you are looking for a full-bodied, pure music experience.

The sound created by pipe organs is rich and powerful because of the many levels and layers afforded by the assortment of pipes and the stops that control the combinations used. Each pipe contributes its unique vibrations whereas the multi-level sound produced by a digital instrument is carried by just one wave. That individual wave quickly loses strength and definition and lacks depth.

When voices or other instruments accompany the organ, only the quality of pipe organ sounds stands up to challenge without having to compensate with increased volume.

To enjoy the best of both options, organs combining traditional pipes and digital sound have become popular but the bulk of the music is derived from the pipe organ settings.

A Pipe Organ can fit in your Home

Although they are rather expensive, it is possible to have a pipe organ built for any home. There was actually an early form of pipe organs called the hydraulis which was popular in the homes of wealthy Greeks and Romans. Then in the 17thand 18thcenturies, models similar to modern styles could be found in the homes of noblemen and aristocrats. Today, this availability is important for musicians who may not have access to practice facilities at convenient times but is also perfect for the true music lover who loves to fill the air with incomparable music.

Unlike the largest pipe organs with over 30,000 pipes, home pipe organs create rich, deep sound with approximately 350 pipes.`

For the best pipe organs, word of mouth and professional recommendations all point to the experts who deal with all sorts of keyboard instruments knowledgeably and with integrity.