Pipe Organ Servicing

Pipe Organ

Pipe organs are a pride to own. They are a part of our tradition and unique in their performance. Servicing this kind of instrument is a difficult task that requires specialists. If you are aware of the complications involved, you will be able to hire the right specialists and pay only fair service charges. As a owner, here are the things that you can expect from the servicing company.

Each organ is individual and needs to protected and conserved. This is especially true if it is old. Before any servicing or repair comes protection. The servicing company should be able to guide you precisely how to take care of your special musical instruments . The saying "A stitch in time saves nine" is quite applicable here.

Pipe organs have unique features that require individual response. The servicing company should be able to educate you about the curatorial needs of the instruments. They should educate and update on new technological advances that impact your organ. These steps will help you conserve just as much as any servicing.

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Sometimes it is not possible to find spare parts for it. The older it is, more difficult it is to find parts. The servicing company should be able to manufacture parts with similar structural integrity. You should not be replacing the parts in a way that alters the usage or the aesthetics. The beauty  is a part of its persona. It should be preserved.

Ideal pipe organ service provider would also be in the business of restoration if historic organs. Restoration is a higher art. A service provider who can restore will service and repair with extremely satisfactory quality. You would not have to worry about competence of the service provider.

The team that services your organ should not be a one man show. A servicing person is often not a musician. The ideal team would be at least two people. One of them has to be a musician who can play and test.

The skill set of the servicing personnel should include cone tuning. They should also be able to tune reeds and wood pipes. Look, even better if you can hear, at some previous example of their work. There is nothing like a reference check. If the servicing company messes up in some manner, you will suffer irreparable damage.

Pipe organs are unique part of our heritage. It is the owner prerogative to ensure proper maintenance and servicing. Choosing the right company can go a long way in ensuring the life of the pipe organ. You have to constantly update your techniques of protecting it. It is better to preserve and restore an old ones than buy a new one.